bethie (notesfromhome) wrote,

what a day we had. :)

so things are moving ever forward on our battle against the apartment. :) (this is a good thing as it has to be finished come april..... *cringe*...)

got up nice and early today. first we hit the gym and then we had lunch. after that we toddled out to costco and got a whole bunch of things. namely food and that which is good. but i also was able to get a mini food processor which i will need when the baby comes. we also got calenders and such.

after that we went out to pick up james' dad and we took him over to staples because he found a garbage bin he wanted and couldn't really carry it all the way back to his apartment so we drove him over there. while we were there i found the perfect bin for under the kitchen sink so his dad picked that up for me.  i love family. 

james and i headed out to shop n stop for groceries. yes, we did get some foodage-type things at costco,  but that was bulk sort of stuff that would last us a while like a big box of frosted flakes and so forth. at stop n shop we had to get regular cooking groceries for the week. that's always a trip, the two of us shopping. :)

tonight i tried my hand at deep fried giant onion rings but that turned into a disaster that filled the entire apartment (and quite likely the entire hallway...) with smoke.... yeah, james may like his beloved onion rings but if he wants them again, he will be making them himself. :)  two turned out alright but the rest, the batter floated off and that outright pissed me off. plus we had the entire apartment fanning. windows were open and so was the door to the terrace! it was bad.

i also made cornish game hens tonight. james loved them. :) i must say (if i do say so myself) they were pretty damn good. :) hugely filling, but pretty good. i got utterly fed up with the onion rings so i didn't have time to make the veggie i had wanted so in the last 2 minutes while the hens were cooling, i threw together a fresh salad.

i hate last minute prepping like that but those game hens were totally worth it. :)

and my feet are way complaining tonight... after all that walking around between places and standing in the kitchen for about 2 hours... yeah. it's ok though. it was much worth it.

but this is it for now. i have cookies in the oven that need attention. (no, don't be impressed- they're just the pillsbury pull-apart-and-bake type.)

hasta la pasta, ya'll!

xo xo
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